Dear best friends of a sad person,

As I sit here typing this, I’m trying to think of the words to say to you. I want to say thank you. Sad people need people to stick around. Sad people need friends more than anyone can know. I want to say on behalf of sad people everywhere you are a blessing.

As a friend of a sad person, you may not know a few things. Everyone grieves differently, but we still need you. We may not reach out to you to console us, but we want you to. We cherish those texts you send us to perk us up. We may roll our eyes at your perky attempts to get us out of the house, but we secretly are saying, “Thank you.”

You may not know this, but you’re a godsend. You keeping us occupied and making us laugh, keeps us sane. If not for you, we’d be lonely and contemplating what we mean to people. You make us do things we really don’t want to do like, go to the gym, stop texting that guy, go to work, put make up on. YOU are the reason we keep going. You are the feet to our legs. You keep us grounded and make us move.

So, Thank you for pushing us. Don’t stop coming around. Don’t stop sending goofy pictures of yourself to make us laugh. Don’t stop pulling us out of bed. Don’t stop keeping us going. You are so much of the reason we make it through, and without you the world would be sadder.

Best friends are underappreciated, so thank you. Thank you for being your spunky, sassy, and persistent self. You make the world less crappy. Best friends are needed, so make us take goofy pictures together. Make us go to the gym with you. Make us realize we deserve better. Make us realize that the world is much more than our sadness.


Without you, the world would be lonely and less funny. Don’t change. Don’t go. Just stay, and be you.




The sad bestie


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