The ever burning questions I go through when I see another person I know dealing with the grieving process is whether or not I should get them a gift, and what else is out there besides flowers? Why besides flowers? Don’t get me wrong, I love flowers, but flowers die. He who is going through the grief process doesn’t need to be reminded of death.


I remember when Callan’s funeral was over, we had tons of flowers. I loved them I really did, but about a week and a half went by and they all died. I was left with the ugly thoughts of another beautiful thing in my life destroyed by death. It was kind of cruel in a way to be honest. I wanted those flowers to stay, but it’s not the natural order of life for anything to live forever, so they died. That is why no flowers. I cried because they died. So I have started to try to create a reservoir for people like me who flowers are the go to gift. So, obviously I’m going to recommend my gift first.

  1. Rebel Hearts Eternal Memory Collection – Yes, I stumbled across a cool way to recreate the close to scale foot of my son who passed by using his actual footprint. I then created his foot in stone. I got the idea to help other parents grieving by offering this service. At this time I’ll only be creating the foot in stone, but in the not to distant future I hope to offer the Eternal Embrace collection which will be the recreated foot and a mold for you to hold the foot. The Eternal Memory Collection sells for $25 not including shipping. The above photo is what one of the sculptures looks like.
  2. Memorial tattoos – If the person is into tattoos, a memorial tattoo in the name of the lost might be just the gift for the grief stricken. I have two memorial tattoos and I still want more. If there’s a few of you looking to get a gift, then maybe pitch in and pay for the tattoo.
  3. Jewelry – My mother-in-law and brother-in-law together got me an open heart necklace with the angel and “beating heart” in the middle. This necklace means the world to me, and I’m sure a memorial piece of jewelry would mean a lot to the person who is grieving.
  4. Willow Tree Friends –
  5. Donate – Spend the money you would have on a material object, and donate it to a charity in memory of the person who is being grieved or to the funeral expenses itself.

Any gift is a good gift with some thought. Just let your heart be your guide and let the bereaved know they aren’t alone.


Much love,