A lot of people find it strange for a bride to choose her wedding to show love for a television show, and especially if that television show isn’t quite so mainstream, but for quite a few reasons it was a perfect choice for me. I fell in love with the magic that Doctor Who exuded. A time traveling alien that swoops regular people, like me, up and takes them away from their problems was like an escape to me. I fell in love with the whimsy and comedy each doctor brought to the screen.

One day, I was browsing Pinterest for potential wedding ideas, not that I even had a reason to because I wasn’t engaged, just hopeful and day dreaming. I simply had an idea that would be different than all others, Doctor Who.

I pinned as many blue things that ticked my fancy, and became obsessed with the idea of a Doctor Who wedding.

Once I became a mother to my heart baby, and realized the guy with a thick beard, dusty boots, and snuff rings in his back pocket was the one, Doctor Who became something greater, a symbol of time.

Before my son was born time wasn’t of importance to me; in the after shock of grief, time became everything. It became the whole Alice fell down, it became the anxiety that mocked me, and it became the motivator for my life. Time is everything, and nothing, but time is important.

The planning of my wedding was intricately designed with time in mind. Time was a friend and a foe, but it was still a guest at my wedding.

I chose a few ideas from Pinterest to steal and incorporate into my wedding aside from Doctor Who.

I always wanted my son to have a spot to sit at my wedding because it wouldn’t feel right without honoring his spirit, so I put a bear and his Beads of Courage in the front row, so he knew he was always welcome and never forgotten. That wasn’t enough though, so beside my dad as he walked me down the aisle, I had a locket charm tied to my wedding shoe, with his photo, and he helped my dad walk me down to the wonderful husband I have had for two years.

So, my vows were dedicated in part to my childlike wonder, and my adventurous side, but another, more sensitive side of me, dedicated my vows of time to my fiancé. I dedicated my time to my now husband, and through whatever trouble we go through, we will get through it together, through all of time and all of space.

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