Pregnancy is a time for joy in most cases, but in the instance of loss, pregnancy is riddled with anxiety. Is this baby going to make it? Will this baby going to be strong? Who is this baby going to be? How can I honor my Angel while giving this rainbow baby their own identity?


Don’t fret. I went through months of grueling name searching, and my husband and I couldn’t, for the life of us, find a name that fit. Finally, the name we chose clicked because we found a name that honored our angel, and changed it enough to give our rainbow her own identity.


Just for disclosure, this article is about babies, and gender will play into my writing. This is a very hot topic right now, but I do not want any arguing, hateful words, or anything of the like on this page. Babies are to be celebrated, and yes, I will sort names into gender categories. If you like a name for whatever gender your child is, then by all means, use it.

This is a list to help making something painstakingly tedious and sometimes downright hard, fun. I do not wish to offend, but do not complain or question the way I’m writing my list. If you don’t like it, find another list. If you do, good! Glad I could help. This is a commotion free space, created for parents who have lost, and I do not wish to get into politics or other problems than grief. So, that being said, enjoy the compilation.

—- Girls —-

  1. Olivia – This is my personal favorite because I’m biased. Olivia means peace, originating from the olive branch.
  2. Madison – Gift of God
  3. Cara – Beloved
  4. Lily – Purity and beautiful
  5. Daniella – Miraculously survived the lion’s den
  6. Valerie – Strength and health
  7. Althea – With healing power
  8. Emersyn – bravery and powerful
  9. Arya – Noble goddess (Game of Thrones character as well)
  10. Elsa – Oath of god
  11. Haven – Place of safety
  12. Hope – Faith
  13. Millie – Gentle stregth
  14. Taya – Perfectly formed
  15. Ava Eve – Life or living
  16. Antonia – Priceless
  17. Priya – Beloved
  18. Celeste – Heavenly
  19. Angela – Angel
  20. Ayah – Miracle
  21. Amari – Miracle of God
  22. Eliana – Gift from God
  23. Daneiris is an English variant of “Daenerys” – Rainbow (Game of Thrones character as well)
  24. Mila – Wished for child
  25. Arabella – Answered prayer
  26. Iris – Rainbow
  27. Evie – Life
  28. Raegan – Spiritual strength
  29. Amberly – Beautiful jewel
  30. Riley – Firey and courageous


—- Boys —-

  1.  Cailean – Strong in battle
  2. Elide – Fighter
  3. Lorcan – Fierce little one
  4. Boone – A blessing
  5. Dante Aj- Enduring
  6. Azriel – Help of god
  7. Maddux – Forturnate
  8. Luca – Bringer of light
  9. Andrew – Strong
  10. Nathan – Given by God
  11. Gabriel – Angel
  12. Jude – Praise
  13. Ethan – Strong and safe
  14. Grant – ‘Granted another child’ (play on words) also means Grand
  15. Beau – As in rain ‘beau’ another play on words which means handsome
  16. Simon – God has heard
  17. Denzell – Powerful
  18. Ryker – Superior strength
  19. Ajax – Strong warrior
  20. Connor – Much wanted
  21. Ozzy – God’s devine power
  22. Rylan – Strong but sweet
  23. Terrian – Physically strong
  24. Wyatt – Little Warrior



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