So guys, I planned a great day today (my day off). I was planning on finally doing something on my bucket list. I was hoping to start the process to get my passport and have this awesome photo shoot with my kid. All these ideas of whimsy and ethereal beauty shots danced in my naive little mind today, almost like sugar plum fairies.

So, let me begin with the beginning of my day. I remember I have to go get parts to make a whimsical swing for a prop in the photo shoot. I was so excited! The hardware store I go to has awesome customer assistance, so I get my wood cut, drilled holes, and find rope to make this gorgeous prop swing. The excitement in me is bubbling all over and harshing everyone’s bad mood with my good one. Then I leave ready to go to my next part of my to do list: fake flowers. Why silk flowers? Ethereal swing. I go and pick out this beautiful arrangement of flowers to wrap around the rope of the swing. It’s going to be so pretty!

Then I go to a clothing store to find another dress, hopefully with lace, to use because you can never use too many costumes at a photo shoot…right?! Anywho, this store had NOTHING, NADA, ZIP, ZILCH, ZERO in dresses for toddlers. They had tuxes for boys, but no dresses for girls…Am I the only one here who still likes girly things? What happened to lace, pearls, and formality?! Aaaanyways, then I go to this really almost kind of expensive boutique, and AHHHH!!! heavenly music plays as I find this gorgeous lace white gown in my kiddo’s size! It’s like God himself said, “Nicole, Reilly must wear this!” So, I snatched it off the rack and bought it!

Cut to me sashaying to my car to realize I forgot the balloons for part of the photo shoot, so I go back to the fake flower store, and find a super cool gigantic balloon, lace, and ribbon. THEN, I decide I should be good on errands for the day, so I pull out of my parking spot to realize, PINK NAIL POLISH! Because no one likes nekkid toes. I run into the gigantic everybody goes here place, and run back out with some paleish pink polish.

FINALLY, I got home, took the dog out of the crate (He hates the crate), and spray paint the base of the swing! I finally can breathe. I wait for the hubs to get home, when he says there’s not enough rope. He heads off back to the store to get what I failed at getting, and then I pass out on the couch from too much sun interaction. It’s now 3:00 and I’m stretching time as far as it can go. 5:00 rolls around and I’m zip tying the pretty flowers. 5:30 I pick up the tot and race to get her ready.

Here’s where it gets interesting. Photo shoot at 6:00. I failed to bring snacks. I didn’t have time to stop and get food. So, the tot and I roll up to the park ready to take some dazzling pictures. First the balloon pops out of nowhere and then BAM! The kid pulls a switch on me. I knew it was coming, but nevertheless it was still embarrassing. She freaks out and doesn’t want to touch, sit, or swing. She throws herself in the dirt and only wants me to hold her. I say this goes on for about twenty or so minutes, but it felt like someone was dangling ice over me while I’m dining in hell. I finally gave up and realized the pictures weren’t going to happen today, so I thanked my wonderful photographer and we decided to reschedule, to when? HAHAHA I have no clue?! The moral of the story is, be flexible and BRING SNACKS! Not everything is going to work out the way you want, but in case it doesn’t you’ll always have some fruit snacks to keep the toddler calm.

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  1. Girl… Just reading this has me stressed on how you pulled off as much as you did, that was a long day. And Im thinking maybe I should keep a box of snacks in my car from now on too? Bless your heart, you tried… She just wasnt having it! Dont feel embarrassed though, it just wasnt her day! Lol

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