Today, I am better than yesterday. Nothing in particular happened today, so far, but I slept last night.

This post is to motivate. Again, this is not a personal journal, but rather a collection of my thoughts, and dare I say wisdom; my hope is to reach the people who have been the mistress or the male version of a mistress of death.

If you’ve lost then you know how bad it sucks. It’s very much like someone punched through your sternum and pulled out your beating heart, might I add, with no anesthesia or pain meds. You can’t truly medicate the pain away.

My face is pretty broke out on my chin, my hair, well it’s a mop, I look sloppy, my right eye is teary, but I don’t care. The reason, much like my ugly post, is this, survival. Today I’m not feeling the pretty thing, at least right now I’m not.

Yesterday was a bad day. Today is better, but I still feel the pain of yesterday all throughout myself today.

This isn’t about my looks today, but rather my spirit, and yours.

It’s 6 months out from being 3 years since I’ve lost my son. I am fairing a lot better today than I was even a year ago, but I still have some crap days. If you are on this journey, then you absolutely know that the bad days are almost impossible to survive, but I’m here to tell you, you can do it!

This post is a motivational snack. Remember to breathe, look at a cute puppy, cry, breathe again, make yourself get out of bed, do something you like, and remind yourself that even though you’re having a sucky day, you can kick ass and take names.

You are tough. You are smart. You are amazing. Finally, you are inspiring.

Get up.

Love yourself.

Keep getting up.


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