What would you do to kill the bleak hole burning inside of you?

What would you be willing to pursue to find yourself again?

Who are you willing to become?

You don’t like the same things.

You roll your eyes at the people who you used to relate to most.

You’re lost.

You’re someone new.

You want a new direction.

You just don’t know where to go.



This is called growth. The person you were when you endured your loss is probably dead. You are now a lump of clay ready to be remolded into something wildly new and spectacular. You now have a wisdom that many others don’t. “Normal people” don’t have this close connection to the looming reality that is death. You probably have a deep appreciation for just how fragile and brief life is.


If you’re still nodding in agreement, then I just want to say,”ME TOO.”

I died the moment my son died. My soul felt gone. My sense of self was obliterated. I was a shell. If you’re a shell too, then keep reading.

What finally fulfilled me? What finally clicked? How long did it take? When did it finally make sense?

I FINALLY felt a sense of fulfillment when I looked at myself in the mirror and told myself I was going to follow through with my plans. Come hell or high water, I was going to impact others.

I really don’t remember the moment I decided I was going to go into Social Work, blog, and counsel, but I remember how I felt when it finally clicked. I was sitting on the bed, in front of my laptop, researching career choices; A monumental weight lifted off of my sternum and I could breathe. I realized it was time to take life by the reins again.

This was a HUGE step in realizing that I had to start working on my goals again, and from goals came my bucket list.

I was starved for content ideas, when last week I got giddy and started getting beyond excited! How do I engage my readers? By showing, not just telling my experiences. I wanted to inspire others like me to dust their butts off and get excited about life again.

Yes, loss is an enormous black hole, but it doesn’t mean you have to give yourself up forever. You can experience loss, and find your path, direction, and whole self again.

It’s possible.

It’s exciting.

It’s fun.

Join me in a journey to fulfill my list, and I encourage you to create a list of your own, and do it! I want you to feel a thirst for life again. I want you to begin living again. I don’t want you to forget the person you lost, but I want you to live like you know how fragile life is. I want you to have no regrets. I also want you to follow me on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. Stay tuned for the first installment of “The Bucket List Series from Atoughmom”


Love Y’all,



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