Did peace come to you clothed in a white sheet with arms spread wide in comforting acceptance? Did she kneel next to your wilted body and dry your tears? Did peace lay in wait day after day holding your hand through the storm? Did she walk the dirt road inhaling the the stormy air with you? When the rain was so thick and heavy did she share her umbrella? Is peace there with you now, or is peace a distant friend who never says hi anymore? I never really knew peace; she was really more of an abstract idea than something actually tangible. I never felt her presence, I never knew her embrace, and I never had been friends with peace.

I remember seeking out peace after I lost my son. I bought tons of grief books, read lots of bible verses, and prayed lots of prayers. Peace never walked up to me and acquainted herself to me, but nearly three years later I finally noticed a sparkle of peace that seemed to have blossomed through my heartache. It didn’t dawn on me in this grand way, but in a small way through giving back to my own cause.

I realized after starting my blog, giving advice to others, and doing for others, that intrinsically I was rebuilding my heart with peace’s help; she handed me the bricks while I stacked them. She grasped my hand as I was asked, ” how I do it.” She gave me the calm I needed to carry on and rebuild.

Peace will come and greet you when you least expect it. She isn’t loud and pushy, rather gentle and shy. If you ever find yourself walking the path and notice the sun shining, if you realize you’re rebuilding, if you realize a small piece of you isn’t so angry then you may have met peace. You might not be friends yet, but one day you might just be.

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