Where to begin with this post? This came to me as I was driving home from work tonight, as a lot of my posts do. So here ya go.


This letter is to my husband, but also applies to any other husband who has dealt with the struggle of trying to keep it together, for her.


Dear husband,

Yes you. You think I don’t see you. You think I don’t see the mask you pull on every day to appear strong for me, but I do. You think I don’t see how heartbroken you are too, but I do. You think I don’t remember the tears you’ve shed in silence, trying to hide it, but I do. I see you. I see a rugged, enduring, never budging force to be reckoned with. You, you are what I wish to be. All those times I’ve cried in front of you, taking for granted that you’ve endured it to; I wished I could have been the one strong for you. You stood unwavering watching me unravel, and come apart, all the while you kept us together. You stood like the line of kids in a red rover game trying your best, holding my hand, and keeping the impending doom from hurling through us. You have watched me struggle and fall. You have listened to my pleads and screams. You have watched be become nothing and then become something again. You. You are undervalued, underappreciated, and forgotten about in the face of others. Others don’t look to you and try to comfort you after loss; they look to the mother, but no more will you be abandoned. I want you to know I value you. I appreciate you. I remember you. You are the rock steady foundation used to rebuild the ruins of our life. If it were not for you, I couldn’t have rebuilt. If it were not for you I don’t know where I’d be. Thank you.



Your wife

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