So I haven’t written in a while because I was stumped for great content. I’m not going to post just to post, but I want to inspire others, and tonight I watched a blogger’s video that gave me my inspiration back, at least for tonight. It’s seriously 2:00 A.M. and my eyelids are starting to drag, I’m fueling myself with a huge sandwich and Harry Potter to keep myself awake after working an 8.5 hour shift, so I’m going to try to keep this short so I can go snooze, but I wanted to update. So, Everyone who reads my blog knows I have a rainbow, and I thank the moon and stars for her daily, but my rainbow is a bag full of sass, tantrum, and fire breathing dragon. Some days I try not to lose my mind from all the screaming she does, and other days she’s the sweetest, cuddliest, and most pleasant little two year old I’ve ever met…Oh yeah she’s TWO now! WHAT?!  Anywho, So here are my tips to rearing a tough toddler.



Yep, that’s my kid at the beginning of swim class. She wasn’t happy. I wanted to use a picture of her depicting the dragon side of her whilst not showing her face fully because you know, privacy. So here’s my toddler, at swim class, a feat in it of itself. I usually refuse to go anywhere with her because, you know, judging. We are a judgy world, and I really don’t have the patience to deal with being judged, so I normally stay home with the kiddo; then I realized after going to swim class that I was doing this little beauty an injustice. I was letting the fear of others keep my little bit from experiencing what life has to offer, well no more, so this is one of the reasons I felt compelled to write this. For the little bit!

RULE NUMERO UNO! – SCREW EVERYONE ELSE – If you have a tough toddler, dragon, sassy pants bitty human, then you know. You know the looks and the awful pressure glares that are given when the kid throws themselves fully into a passion fueled interpretive dance (tatrum)  and all you want to do is throw the twenty dollar bill at the cashier, yell keep the penny, and barrel outta there with SOME dignity left, so for the most part you avoid going out like the plague. You’ve adopted amazon shopping like an agorabophe and even contemplate never leaving the house as a good conflict resolution tactic. Well, let me tell you DON’T DO THIS! I’ve been making this mistake for quite some time, but then I saw the face of my kid during the VERY FEW happy moments at swim class. If I’d have dodged this activity because of fear then we wouldn’t have made these memories, and yes I did get stares because of her full hour long screamfest, but it was worth it! I’m going to venture out more with the kid, and you should too!


RULE NUMERO DOS- HAVE A SENSE OF HUMOR – OOORRR, you’ll never get out alive. This parenting thing isn’t for the faint of heart. Grab a glass of wine, or a margarita in my case, and laugh about the stories you have to tell, just don’t laugh in front of the kid when they’re not doing what they’re supposed to because then it gives them the go ahead to keep acting a fool. I know it’s hard just think of someone stealing your carbs, or wine, or something. Keep a straight, stern face and voice. Kids can smell fear, laughter, and sugar.


RULE NUMERO THREE – TAKE A BREATH – If you don’t breathe you deprive yourself of oxygen and can’t think, and then you start to scream. Then the kid has dumped the dog water all over the floor, grabbed your wallet and dumped it out, and you’ve slipped, fell, and lost your credit card because you lost control. DON’T GIVE THE TERRORIST (CHILD) the control. << I say that slightly joking, but sometimes it’s a very close comparison.

RULE NUMERO FOUR – LOVE THAT TINY HUMAN – Just stare at the angry tiny human and see that you made that. That scary looking little being in front of you may be terrifying now, but if you stare past their attitudes and shrieks, you’ll notice a frustrated child in need of understanding. You may be frustrated because you can’t understand what they need at that particular time, but just look, really look at them and see the love you have for them. Just stare in awe of how amazing that grumpy little dragon is. Someday soon it’ll all change, so soak up every minute with that angry kiddo.


RULE NUMBER FIVE – GIVE YOURSELF A BREAK – Know you’re doing the best you can with the sanity you have. Be gentle with yourself and your kiddo. Things will get better.


Much Love,


Nicole XOXO

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