If you’re like me then you’re always dragging. No matter what I do I am always tired, partly because I’m a mom and partly because of emotional baggage, so my husband ventured out to find a new energy supplement for us, because he’s always dragging too. He came back with a canister of Shatter SX7 Black Onyx Ripped, now I know that the name is really long, but I usually just call it Shatter. I’m telling you every energy shot, drink, and shake I’ve taken has failed to give me that umph! I needed. I was really skeptical that this would even work considering my husband gave me a RedLine and that didn’t even give me a boost of energy. I thought I was going to be zombified forever, but to my surprise this stuff actually worked for me. I thought the price might be a little on the expensive side, but it’s a month’s supply and my husband said it’s actually cheaper than buying something every day.


The first time I drank it I made the mistake of not chugging and just sipped on the 12 ounces, so I literally got no extra energy at all. I was so disappointed. Then about two weeks later I was so tired, but had to go into work, so I took my hubs advice and downed the raspberry lemonade flavored drink in about two minutes (I get tummy aches if I chug fast so normally I don’t) A weird warm tingling sensation came over my body in about ten minutes after the drink was finished. I did get pretty warm not going to lie, but when I got to work I HONESTLY finished about five hours’ worth of work in THREE. I, since then, have used this stuff frequently, but not every day. I think it’s important in the mom world to share our secrets to help each other out, so this is mine. If you want to know how to get energy then this is the way. I’d definitely talk to a doctor beforehand because I’m not certified to give advice on the healthiness of this, but what I do know is it works for me. I will not promote anything I do not fully 100% love and I LOVE this stuff! It’s tart to the taste, but in a goodish way. This is seriously one of the only energy supplements I’ve EVER taken that works for me. I drag all day around the house, but on days I take this stuff I’m motivated to actually get things done! Like I said before, consult your doctor if this is the best option for you.


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