Why Making Drastic Changes Could be the Best Thing for You


One of the most used advice people get when going through a major tragedy is, “Don’t make any major changes.” I got this saying a zillion times over after the loss of my son. I was a teacher and realized I didn’t really want to teach anymore, but so many people told me to hold off on making a big life decision until the shock wore off. I’ve also heard wait a year before you do anything major. I can’t remember if I cut my hair or did anything appearance wise, other than getting a memorial tattoo, but I do remember the feel of a serious pull towards change. I wanted something different. I wasn’t for sure what I needed, but I had an idea. Then one day it hit me. I wanted to be in Social work, writing, and counseling. I wanted to dedicate my life to a cause that meant something to me. It hadn’t been exactly a year when the idea came across my mind, but I did wait quite a while before actually acting on it. I went back to school and even got a certificate as a certified pharmacy technician to help earn a living while I went back and started over. I completely changed the route of my life, and I don’t regret it for a minute. It saved me.  Why would not making any changes be bad? If you’re like me then you probably feel stuck and lost. The soul crushing feeling of doing nothing and weighing pros and cons isn’t, in my opinion, the way to go. Life is way too short to stay dedicated to something you’re not completely in love with. Life is completely and holistically about love. Do what you love, be with people you love, be someone you love. LOVE. If you think about where you’re at now and where you’ll be in five years and you aren’t completely giddy over what you’re doing; you should probably take a different path. It’s never too late to follow dreams or create new ones, especially after trauma. When you’ve been through something terrible, you realize your time is valuable, so you shouldn’t waste it pining away hoping that your passion will return. If you realize you HATE what you’re doing in life make a plan. I’m not saying to just up and quit your only means of income and lose everything by the way, but I am saying be smart and plan your change. Think seriously about what your purpose in life is. Pray or meditate and do RESEARCH. I did so much research and took a long long time before implementing changes, but I am grateful I made them. I am not the same person I was when I fell in love with teaching, and you may not be the same person you were when you started your current job. A job is a job until you add passion to it. If you don’t have passion then find something that gives you that need and thirst. It’s not going to be particularly easy, and in some cases, it seems down-right impossible, believe me I have a toddler, work full time, and went back to school and earned a 4.0 my first year in. If you want it bad enough, NOTHING is impossible. You just have to get creative and make your own luck. Believe me, your hard work will pay off when you look back with a smile and realize how much you’ve grown as a person. In whatever you do have faith, passion, and love.


Much love,



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