What is a rainbow you ask? No, not the refracted light from water droplets; the rainbow I’m referring to is the light after the storm. The rainbow is a baby who is born after the loss of another. Here recently, rainbow babies are getting a lot more attention to celebrate the wonders of new beginnings. There have been so many cute ideas in how to reveal a rainbow, but a question I’ve seen a lot lately is what are some ideas on revealing a rainbow. Well, I did some research and compiled a list of, What I think are some of the most darling ways to show off your light and the end of the storm.

 5 Cute Ways to Reveal Your Rainbow Baby


  1. Photos – Whether it be a photo of rainbow Holi powder shooting around you to make your announcement, rainbow paint on the baby bump, rainbow balloons, or even special effects lighting on a photo, rainbow photo announcements have become really popular and are a gorgeous addition to a baby book.


  1. Rainbow Parties – Send out special invites to your closest friends and family for a get together and surprise then with a rainbow announcement. There are many ways to do this such as: a regular ole speech to say “We’re pregnant!”, or you could go more elaborate and open a box with rainbow balloons that say baby, or even have the special message written in a clever way somewhere in the party. I personally like the idea of a scavenger hunt to find the message out, but whatever floats your boat is what counts. I also would love to do something such as have a group go to a painting class and paint rainbows, and at the end of the class announce why they painted rainbows. << keeping that on the docket.


  1. Snail Mail – You could send out a, “We’re expecting a rainbow.” Post card or even do a formal baby announcement for all the people who are close to you. Keep in mind the stamps, envelopes, and addresses you’ll have to hunt down though, but snail mail is a lost art form and I, for one, would love to get something like this.


  1. Phone- You could always keep it simple and call, text, or just plain mention it in conversation if you aren’t a big to do about it person, which is completely fine.


  1. Dinner – Good news is always great paired with good food and good company! You could just have dinner at home with your family or go out to eat and announce it.


However you choose to announce it, it will be wonderful because a rainbow is wonderful. Have fun planning or not planning. I hope this list helps inspire a great idea to surprise your loved ones! If you want to, comment what you have done or planned to do and help others with some inspiration!

Much love,


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