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                        Why this blog? What’s so different about it?


It gives a voice to struggling mamas.


                         Oh but Nicole, what do you mean?


child loss, post-pardum depression, hopelessness, confusion, high needs children, and the list

goes on and on.


                       How can you give a voice to us?


Glad you asked actually. I lost my son, Callan, to a heart defect at 17 months. I represent a


voice that’s been silenced by severe depression, suicidal thoughts, and suffered from PTSD


and plagued by intense nightmares.


I was pregnant when I lost Callan, and almost miscarried TWICE. Once I gave birth, I had post-


pardum depresson and couldn’t bond with my baby girl for months.


                      I don’t pretend to know all the answers, but…


I think I have a good handle on giving my advice and thoughts about how to make it through


this treacherous journey. I want to help you laugh again and enjoy being a parent; whether


it’s to only an angel or an angel and an earthly baby. It’s possible to live and thrive through


this hell. I can help you do so. Join me on this journey and we’ll grow together.