I started this blog with the intention of helping other moms who have been beaten by life and loss, my abuser, you ask? Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome, a congenital a heart defect. Callan, my son, is a huge reason why I needed to start this blog. He passed 2 years ago, since then, I have been blessed with another chance at mommying. My daughter, Reilly, is a handful of blessings, messes, and sheer joy. You should expect to laugh, cry, and get a heap of wisdom (I hope) from one tough mom. Also, from a tough mom to another just know we have can make it through. If you like my blog, and it brings you joy or whatever emotion you connect with and want to, just shoot on up a few spaces and sign up for a free self care check list! This life thing can get you down, but we can lift each other up!


lots of love,